Volkswagen to sell 10 million electric vehicles from its new MEB platform

VW will sell 10 million electric carsThe Volkswagen has major anticipations for the platform manufacturing its first purpose-built electric vehicles. The VW Auto Group is planning to sell more than 10 million EVs manufactured with its modular electric drive matrix MEB across its entire brands in the first wave. The company will sell 150,000 electric vehicles by 2020. 100,000 of those cars will be 100,000 I.D models manufactured in Germany.

Point to be noted that Tesla and other major brands are manufacturing EVs from scratch. The MEB platform is specially designed with electric power concept. The floor panel is designed to accommodate a flat and high capacity battery that ultimately empowers handling and space with lessening the center of gravity. The company is also promising practically fast charging on each I.D vehicle. It will be capable to reach 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.

The first wave is bound to spread across multiple years. The target of 10 million vehicles is a reminder that the company is looking MEB as the major step in taking electric vehicles mainstream. The VW Auto Group sold 10.7 million vehicles across the world in 2017. EVs are assumingly representing a lower level of VW’s sales.

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