Uber Express Pool officially launched in Boston and San Francisco

New Self-Driving Car of Toyota has 2nd Steering & well Surrounding AwarenessUber is now officially launching Express Pool after being piloted in Boston and San Francisco. The Express Pool will be launched in these 2 specific cities along with Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, Denver, and San Diego. The ride-sharing company is planning to launch the service in more cities very soon. Express Pool is much similar to Uber Pool and it matches a driver with riders along the same route during a trip. Express Pool needs riders to walk one or 2 blocks to a location in maximizing the efficiency of a trip, instead of the door-to-door service found in Pool. It then drops those riders near their locations, also within walking distance. Uber says these Express Pool trips will be up to 50-percent cheaper than Uber Pool and 70-percent cheaper than Uber X.

It would provide a substantial amount of savings for travelers willing to hoof it down the street for a ride. The app will take an additional minute or two while it figures out the best route, pick up location, driver and other riders when you hail an Uber Express Pool. It will then direct you to a location taking into account the time needed to walk to that location. The ideal ride is basically a straight line to your destination while accommodating others. Uber says it’s been working for a year on the technology powering Express Pool and that some of the techs will be used to power Pool soon. But don’t fret fans about having a car come to their home filled with strangers; the company has no plans to discontinue Uber Pool.

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