The U.S Satellite GOES-R of NASA will be launched at 5:10 PM

The U.S Satellite GOES-R of NASA will be launched at 5:10 PMThe United States is entering into a new generation of weather tracking after the execution of their plans. The United Launch Alliance has scheduled to launch its first occasion of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-R). It is the next-generation weather observer of the United States and it will be launched at 5:40 pm Eastern time, and NASA live coverage will be started at 5:10 pm. This new satellite has the capability to capture sharper images with advanced wavelengths. It takes those images at a higher frequency in order to provide latest information to climatologists and meteorologists about tracking rapidly changing environmental conditions. It has been considered one step ahead to the weather tracking and weather forecasting.

Previous GOES satellites only have the capability to report back once after several minutes, but GOES-R satellite will provide latest images after every 30 seconds. In cycle with the extended information makes it originally practical in monitoring hurricanes, wildfires, fog and other suddenly changing environmental conditions. You can get much better idea if a horrible storm is about to happen and firefighters can be deployed efficiently to avoid massive loss in any fire incident in the forest areas. it would take a considerable amount of time and money to complete the vision of NOAA. There are 3 more GOES-R satellite in the development phase and its cost is estimated at more than 11 billion U.S dollars in order to keep them running until their ending mission date of December 2036.

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