Toyota is the first using Self-driving Simulator of NVIDIA

Toyota is the first using Self-driving Simulator of NVIDIAThe autonomous vehicle simulation platform Drive Constellation has announced from NVIDIA. It is now available and Toyota will be the first customer. The CEO Jensen Huang has first announced the cloud-based platform last year. NVIDIA said it will enable self-driving car developers to run tests on virtual, instead of real roads. Simulated vehicles will be able to operate in situations ranging from routine to dangerous with greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety in the real world. The Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD) of Toyota will be the first customer for Drive Constellation.

CEO Jensen Huang said at this year’s NVIDIA’s GTC developer conference that Drive Constellation will be available to any developer. So, Companies working on self-driving tech will be able to submit their own simulation scenarios, and then see the results on their own computers. The auto-manufacturer is already using the NVIDIA Drive AGX Xavier computer to power self-driving vehicle testing in the real world.

It will assist NVIDIA in developing its simulation and self-driving tech. The system includes 2 distinct cloud-powered solutions. The Constellation Simulator server uses NVIDIA’s GPUs to run software called Drive Sim. It generates a realistic virtual world to be fed into a virtual car’s sensors. The second server is Constellation Vehicle and it is powered by the Drive AGX in-car computer, then processes the simulated sensor data.

NVIDIA said that the driving decisions from Constellation vehicle are fed back into Constellation Simulator, aiming to realize bit-accurate, timing-accurate hardware-in-the-loop testing. The major objective is to help Toyota and other auto-manufacturers in order to develop and market self-driving cars that will work safely in the real world.

NVIDIA also announced an open platform that works with any driving software called Safety Force Field (SFF). This platform uses sensor data to predict what will happen on roads and take actions to protect the vehicle and other users. The company said the SFF framework ensures these actions will never create, escalate or contribute to an unsafe situation. It includes actions essential to mitigate the potential danger.

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