The Supercharger Network of Tesla and its expansion

Tesla Charger StationThe Supercharger network of Tesla has become a talk of the town since it was established in the towns of California during the year 2012. During the last week of May 2018, the auto-manufacturer opened its 10,000th Supercharger station in Belleville, Ontario Canada. It was a part of its fast expansion including at least one thousand stations for construction or at the final stage of its operational work phase. This process consumed almost one and a half of year for Tesla in having a massive amount of EV charging stations to cover coast-to-coast path in the United States. Now, the company is expanding its Supercharger network to North America and in significant amount of areas in Asia, Australia, Middle East, and the Europe.

It is unquestionable that success of Tesla as an EV brand played a major role in a part of expanding operation. It also partly developed from the initial eagerness of the company throwing caution to the wind. Point to be noted that the use of Supercharger was entirely free for vehicle owners until 2017. Tesla was looking taking a financial hit to both in creation of essential infrastructure for long-distance journey and offering a powerful benefit using the Supercharger network. Competitors will not worry about profit, specifically to those not attached to the auto-manufacturers. It has been considered impractical crossing some regions using just Superchargers, especially in Canada and some areas of China. Currently, the growth of Supercharger network is very slow and it will take a significant amount of time beating the issue.

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