Successful Test Flight XV-24A of DARPA

Successful Test Flight XV-24A of DARPAAurora Flight Sciences, the manufacturer of XV-24A Lightning-Strike has announced that the experimental aircraft VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) of DARPA has cleared developmental issue by finalizing its subscale flight experiments in the beginning of March 2017. The weight of self-governing subscale demonstrator is estimated at 325 pounds and it is powered by a single lithium battery. This spacecraft is lighter as compared to 12 thousand pound aircraft with 61 feet wingspan. The new self-governing aircraft has capability to demonstrate the similar technical abilities, such as transitioning into and out of forward flight from a hover. It is expected that the full-sized version test flights will be started at the end of 2018.

The spacecraft VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) presents both the hovering ability of helicopters and the speed of conventional winged aircraft, but their adaptability comes at the cost of not surpassing at conversely. The major objective of Lightning-Strike program was to change that. This special exemplar aircraft would achieve the estimated speed at 345-460 mph (300-400 knots) by using 24 electric fans mounted across its wings and canard. It has doubled the speed as compared to most helicopters with 15 percent more improved hover efficiency. Currently, the self-governing VTOL aircraft is present in almost various military domains, but it would rapidly be improving technology into the civilian world. Point to be noted that Uber has been implementing by using VTOL aircraft for short-distance flight around different cities.

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