The Solar Roof of Tesla is now Available for Pre-order

The Solar Roof of Tesla is now Available for Pre-orderTesla wasn’t able to fulfill its promise to start sales of Solar Roof in April 2017, but you will not have to wait for much longer to avail the opportunity. Now, you can pre-order furtive solar power cells of Tesla in smooth or textured variations ahead of the 1st U.S installations in the summer 2018. The price of Solar Roof will depend on the roof size of your home. The company has announced that an estimated amount for a conventional buyer will be about 21.85 U.S dollars per square foot rather than 24.50 U.S dollars for a regular roof. There might be much secret no matter what you pay due to a cost calculator is being offered by Tesla to find out your real expenses.

This specific tool uses local electricity prices, your roof size and regional levels of sunlight in order to analyze the cost of your roof and the value of energy you will generate. Tesla will inspire you to save money for a long time, but it would offer you a way in finding the accurate demand for your home. It will tell you whether or not a Solar Roof is feasible. It has been considered one of the great experiments from Tesla. The company previously dipped into energy by its Power-wall batteries and Solar-City. Now, company has offered a cutting-edge solar power directly to the customers. There might be a large number of people attracted for solar power instead of stand-alone batteries.

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