Solar Panel Vehicles announced from Hyundai and Kia

Hyundai and Kia cars with solar panelsLuxury brands or experimental vehicles are not only reserved for Solar panels. Hyundai and Kia have announced their plans to dress up selected vehicles with solar panels on their hoods or roofs. These panels will be used to charge batteries of electric vehicles and hybrids. But, you should have to abide by solar panels preventing your above sky view. Moreover, the 1st generation solar roof will be specific to hybrids with traditional roofs. The 2nd wave of a semi-transparent roof will be available on vehicles contained within a panoramic sunroof system.

It is noteworthy; the 3rd generation system is in its initial stage. This system will provide power from the hood and roof simultaneously. The new system is promising more efficient and effective. The 1st generation model system will charge 30-60% battery of hybrid vehicles every day. But, it depends on the weather and the overall environmental condition. It will also reduce a significant amount of charging time in keeping you from using gas when you don’t have a plug-in option. People will not be able to get the 1st generation solar tech system until 2019.

It would become a commonplace among auto-manufacturers after its successful implementation. The new tech will be a good selling point for eco-friendly and cost-observing vehicle owners. But, it might be captivating companies making efforts to meet the standards of emissions and fuel efficiency. It is expected that auto-manufacturers will provide solar panels on a large number of vehicles to enhance fuel economy without making massive changes in their engines or designs.

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