Why a Serious Crash Occurred of Google’s Autonomous Vehicle?

Why a Serious Crash Occurred of Google’s Autonomous Vehicle?It has been experienced that self-driving cars of Google don’t have a perfect safety record, but it is clear that careless human drivers still have great threat. An incident was occurred when a commercial van broke the red light signal and stuck one of the Google’s self-driving Lexus SUVs crossing an intersection of a Mountain View, and it damaged seriously one side of the Google’s vehicle. Fortunately, anyone in the vehicles weren’t injured in this incident. It has been considered the worst incident till now for Google’s self-driving cars. Google will publish complete details of this incident at the end of this month in its self-driving car report.

It is unclear that what will be explained in their statement. It is important that Lexus vehicles enter in the intersection after at least 6 seconds of turning traffic lights green. So, there is no doubt that the van driver was driving carelessly caused collision. Google also mentioned that violation of red lights is causing car crashes in most of the cities in the United States and at least 95 percent on the incidents are due to mistakes by humans. The red light violations have been considered a major problem in moving self-driving vehicles. Google, Uber and other service providers have design driverless systems to follow the law and to avoid any possible collision. But, it is not possible to design a system to protect completely against human drivers. A number of experts believe that a large number of crashes can be decreased by implementing rules as defined in the self-driving vehicles technology.

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