Self-Driving Tech Demo will be Presented by Mobil-Eye & Delphi in Las Vegas

Self-Driving Tech Demo will be Presented by Mobil-Eye & Delphi in Las VegasThe Mobil-Eye and its new partner Delphi will present their automated driving system at the annual event in Las Vegas. This new system is called CSLP (Centralized Sensing Localization & Planning). You will be able to avail a chance in finding what Mobil-Eye has done since it split up with Tesla in January 2017 at CES. They have announced CSLP as “The first guard and entirely integrated automated driving mechanism with an industry-leading requirement system & computing platform”. Their vehicle will perform 6.3 miles test drive including urban roads and highway to experience a number of drive challenges. It includes navigation with massy city streets, pedestrians, cyclists and highway experience.

Mobil-Eye and Delphi said that their self-driving platform has the ability to pinpoint its location within the range of 10 centimeters without having GPS system. It can also navigate roads without lane markings on the roads. It also has the ability of detection for pedestrians and other vehicles from all angles. The vice-president of Delphi, Glen De Vos also said in a statement that they will release the final version of CSLP in 2019. The statement further indicated that “Three features will depart the leader from the pack in the contest offering driverless vehicles in 2019 having the best features including cameras, sensors, radar and computer processing speed. We will present the CSLP experience in Las Vegas at CES2017”.

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