Self-Driving Cars – Uber Opens Robotics Research Facility

uber-smile1A robotic lab is going to be built in Pittsburgh with lots of experts to make the best of everything. This demand was made by Uber and they are the ones working hard for the best service. it has been reported that Uber is hiring experts for the lab which  include more than fifty experienced scientists from Carnegie Mellon and also from the National Robotics Engineering Center. With the proper services provided for an excellent support system of the lab and the proper enhancement of techniques and everything, it is an excellent idea for a better and more robotic world.

Uber would be the one which would be the pioneer in basically developing this core technology of vehicles and its associated things under one facility. The technicians of Uber have claimed that they would be replacing the human driven cars with self driven cars which would provide excellent source of management to all those who can afford buying this kind of car. The company has been able to bring up $4 billion inclusive of debt and equity to produce the valuable vehicles and bring out the option which people have been demanding as an illusion. The value of the company itself is $41 billion.

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