Self-Driving Cars of Uber and More Advancement in the Week

Self-Driving Cars of Uber and More Advancement in the WeekSelf-driving cars are officially available as Uber announced that its autonomous taxi line-up managed the first pick up of passengers in Pittsburgh. Ford also announced that its fleet of self-driving cars doesn’t have gas pedal, steering wheel or brakes. This company is working on cars having the capability to harvest drinking water from thin air & dispense it from the tap of dashboard. Another auto news outlet indicated that the Chevy Bolt has achieved an EPA-certified driving range of 238 miles, which is more to the base of Tesla Model S. Point to be noted that Tesla sued on an oil exec Elon Musk for purportedly impersonating to steal trade secrets. A London based design studio Duffy has presented a design of solar-powered super yacht of the future.

Scotland has been considered a leader in wave power projects and they just completed the largest tidal energy plant in the world, which is 49-feet tall underwater turbine. The Blue Planet Energy has presented an advanced home battery with extra-storage compared to Power-Wall of Tesla. The Solenica has announced a solar-powered gizmo. It reflects sunlight to brighten any indoor room. The Georgian Tech researchers have created a new fabric having capability to harvest solar & kinetic energy. Denmark is looking for a handsome investment and hiring the leading architects of the world in order to build the “Silicon Valley of Agriculture” to fulfill its food requirements in the future. The Airstream has launched a small house on wheels and it has the capability to go anywhere.

Uber has Planned to Start its Detroit Facility for Self-Driving Cars
New Advanced Battery of 100 KWH from Tesla for Model S & Model X