Self-Driving Car Project of Google is on the Streets

Self-DrivingThe Internet Giant Google is on a hiring spree not only for its web designers and designers but fresh experts. Google is much focused on its self-driving car project and announced at least 36 jobs for Google X project. Most of the job positions are for the development system in engineering and manufacturing including robotics, sensors and motion control. This job list described a variety of roles needed by the engineers in the field of automotive NVH, mechanical, vehicle safety and durability. There are a number of positions for policy analysis, real estate, marketing and workplace services regarding project. This hiring spree is assumed that Google is enhancing its self-driving car project.

The main objective of self-driving car program is to improve the living standards by enhancing mobility and making it safer and reliable for everyone regardless their inability to drive a car. Google said in the introduction of job listings that we have self driven millions of miles as test drives and now we are moving on the streets of Austin, Texas, California and Mountain View. Google has become one of the several other companies working for the automotive and car development. It is not confirmed that Google is moving alone in the manufacturing, development and distribution areas for self-driving car project or with the participation of other manufacturers to bring this technology on the streets.

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