Scania Brand of Volkswagen will present its First Electric Bus in Mid-March

It shouldn’t be considered that the I.D. Buzz is the first electric bus from Volkswagen running on the streets. The Scania brand of Volkswagen has recently announced that its first Citywide Low Floor electric bus will be on the streets with full-fledged service in mid-March 2018 in a Swedish town of Österlund. The auto-manufacturer also said that it will not be a tiny experimental run. The company has planned 3 buses and they will cover a 9.3-mile route with 40 stops. These buses will make a total of 100 trips per day. It was also said that massive charging stations will provide 10-minute charging intervals to these vehicles. It will keep them from being sidelined for hours, such as traditional electric cars.

The Citywide Low Floor electric bus isn’t the first electric bus. Scania is well-known powerhouse in the mass transit world and current development from the company might lead to various more public transit systems endorsing electric transport. It isn’t only essential for the consequence of environmental responsibility. These electric buses are imaginably cheaper to run because of its efficient fuel consumption and low cost in maintenance. They are more noiseless and you don’t have to bear the massive noise of diesel engines. These kinds of transportation services would provide much relaxed and smooth travel experience.

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