Rogue of Nissan is 1st car with semi-autonomous in the U.S

Rogue of NissanThe Pro-Pilot Assist focuses on single-lane highway driving. It would keep you within your lane and keep your speed according to current traffic speed. It also warns you about the presence of vehicles in your blind spots and keeps you alert. It might be more satisfactory and relaxing on a long way trip instead of driving a car with just a single driver. But, you will not be able to get multi-lane highway driving until next 2 years and the city will be able to support it until next 4 years. it is important that most American drivers will find the experience of one of the first semi-autonomous driving. Tesla still serving the specific audience of upscale EV fans, but Nissan has been planted in the mainstream. Point to be noted that Rogue is one of the most famous cars in the United States.

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