Porsche has opened 1st Powerful EV Rapid-Charging Park in Europe

Porsche has opened most Powerful EV Rapid-Charging Park in EuropePorsche has announced a dream EV charging park. The automaker has opened Europe’s most powerful fast-charging park in Leipzig. It would offer visitors a dozen 350kW stations to rapidly charge your compatible EV and another 4 delivering 22kW to those who need a small top-up. There’s 7MW of total power and all of it comes from renewable energy. The company is using the charging downtime as an opportunity to hawk its wares. This is partly about bragging rights and underscores part of the problem with EV ownership in 2020. This could be considered a peek at a future where Porsche and other companies give Tesla a run for its money when building sprawling, high-powered charging parks.

It is noteworthy that the total capacity of the Saxon facility (including 6 internal quick charging points) is 7 megawatts. So, Porsche Leipzig currently has the most powerful rapid-charging park in Europe. The charging park is entirely operated with electricity from renewable energy sources. 12 rapid charging points with 350 kW DC and 4 charging points with 22 kW AC are now operational at the customer center and running 7 days a week. This initial phase is running until the end of March 2020, and rapid charging will be free of charge for all users. All vehicles with CCS2 (Combined Charging System connection) can use the fast charging function.

The Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche Leipzig GmbH, Gerd Rupp said, “The new charging park between the number 9, 14 and 38 motorways will significantly enrich the charging infrastructure in central Germany. Electric and hybrid vehicles of all brands are welcome. We are pleased that with the new charging park we can offer an attractive charging option for electric vehicle owners in Leipzig and the surrounding area, as well as transit passengers”. Point to be noted that the rapid Porsche Turbo Charger charging point was developed by Porsche Engineering and sets new standards in terms of charging time.

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