One Stop Transportation Shopping App of Uber

Uber an application which deals with transportation, ride sharing, and food delivering also. we all know that Uber is that application which has made traveling easy for us, now we don’t need to worry about parking car and calling auto and cab, just one click and your car is here to pick you on your point, a door to door reliable and economical transport service. This application has different categories in transportation like, bike, auto, mini car, Uber Go carandUber X which is VIP service through which we can travel on our desire transport type.

Now Uber is planning to be one-stop transportation shopping app in which Uber services is looking to be virtual and adding new services like car sharing and buying train tickets and in collaboration, it is also introducing car sharing services in which we can have private cars for rent. Now we can also buy and book tickets of trains and bus through it. Uber is also promoting Uber bikes in all other countries. Uber has made transportation very easy for us and in future, it is hiring 1.2 billion of vehicles from the world which will be giving us transportation facility to make sure that living in the city doesn’t require you to own a car to travel. Beside the land transport services, Uber is also planning air transport services in future with less traffic congestion and cleaner air around.

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