Nissan’s Hybrid Supercar Did Great on Top Gear’s Test Track

Nissan's Hybrid Due to some transmission issues unfortunately Nissan Hybrid super car did not perform so well on the race track of Le Mans. But it has a number of race tracks to perform abs show case its super abilities and prove its eligibility. In Dunsfold Aerodrome the vehicle run on the test track of Top Gear, where the Top Gear Magazine’s editor Ollie Marriage drive it toughly. In his reviews he admitted that he made it hard and rough, he praised the vehicle that it produces amazing torque with the electrical engine. Further he said in the combined mode using the both fuel options he managed to spin the car with the seven hundred horse power.

The super smart car proves it amazingly and made the Ollie its fan of course. The video of the test lap is enough to give you an idea of how much it was amazing. From the camera eye if the car looks speedy, smooth and nice then driving it may be more thrilling and luxurious for the speed and race lovers as well. You can take it as smart, speedy, smooth and amazing cars that successfully impress the Top Gear.

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