Next Generation Fuel-Cell Vehicle Announced for CES by Hyundai

Next Generation Fuel-Cell Vehicle Announced for CES by HyundaiElectric and hybrid vehicles are getting popularity and auto-manufacturers are struggling in presenting their best fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai has recently announced its best offering at CES. The company will present its Nexo fuel-cell SUV with 350 mile range and 55 MPG rating. The new SUV is expected to be arrived during current year in California dealerships. Hyundai recently offered fuel cell Tucson SUVs to its customers with significant amount of infrastructure in various areas in order to refuel the water-spouting vehicles. The next gen FCEV has been considered more attractive and it can manage extreme heat in providing better cold. It actually uses EV and hybrid elements by using its own platform rather than being crammed into something, such as Tucson. The interior of new vehicle is made out of bio plastic and other environmental friendly elements.

Hyundai has indicated it as more eco-friendly vehicle. The Vice chairman of Hyundai, Woongchul Yang said that the company will present a level 4 version of its Nexo in urban traffic environment. Point to be noted that the auto-manufacturer already has a level 4 EV for testing on public roads. The fuel cell powered electric vehicles have some advantages over EVs wherever the self-driving technology adopted. These vehicles can be refueled in just 5 minutes similar to a gas-powered vehicle. There are significant amount of hydrogen stations in most urban areas, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco including stations online in New England. So, the major issue is the required infrastructure to refuel these electric vehicles nationwide. The EVs can be refueled at dedicated stations or at your office or home, but it will take hours. So, some companies such as Hyundai should ensure the availability of wide-scale fuel-cell infrastructure.

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