New Vision of a Hypersonic Spy Aircraft Presented by Boeing

New Vision of a Hypersonic Spy Aircraft Presented by BoeingLockheed shouldn’t be considered the only one planning to build a hypersonic spy aircraft. Boeing has announced previous details of its own specific design for a hypersonic tech striker and it would be a head start to a pure replacement to the SR-71 Blackbird. It has been considered a logical expansion of X-51A Wave-rider of the company in some aspects. Its wedge-shaped twin-tail body is especially designed to decrease drag during gulping in as much air as feasible. The Blackbird will have an advantage over its older Mach 3.2 Jet due to its unmatchable Mach 5-plus top speed. More advancement on the design rely on whether or not the American officials decide for its development under Advanced Full Range Engine program of DARPA and Turbine-Based Combined Cycle study of the U.S Air Force.

If it moves ahead, it might be at the same time because there’s an aircraft in production. It is expected that Boeing will begin manufacturing a single-engine aircraft as a proof of concept vehicle and then it will move on to a full-sized version with dual-engine. Its size is expected to be similar as F-16 Falcon. The spokesperson of Boeing, Kevin Bowcutt informed Aerospace Daily that the design hasn’t yet finalized and there is more than reflection of current state of affairs. The new published information indicates that the competition in hypersonic flight is continuously flashing. The first aircraft might be dedicated to military and spaceflight purposes.

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