New V-Coptr Falcon with just 2 Propellers, Hover Camera & 50 Minute Flight Time

New V-Coptr Falcon with just 2 Propellers, Hover Camera & 50 Minute Flight TimeZero Zero Robotics presented an advanced drone with an attractive foldable Hover Camera feature. Last month, the company began shipping the Hover 2 to beta testers. Now the company has presented a different kind of drone at CES. It was inspired by the V-22 Osprey military aircraft. The new advanced drone named the V-Coptr Falcon. It is a V-shaped bi-copter and has a remarkable 50 minute flight time. Point to be noted that it could worry DJI because its flagships offer just 30 minutes. It has the ability of lower power consumption with the excellent battery of Falcon. The V-Coptr Falcon is lighter with a more aerodynamic design.

The V-Coptr has 2 propellers instead of the usual four. The two rotors tilt individually instead to do the job. It is handier, so you can simply swap the battery or just fold the 2 arms down and take a break. The Falcon uses front-facing stereo cameras for depth perception and obstacle avoidance, much similar to the Hover 2. The original camerawork is done via a 12-megapixel main camera with a Sony 1/2.3-inch sensor on a 3-axis gimbal hanging below the stereo cameras. It has the ability to capture video of up to 4K at 30 fps, or 2.7K for up to 60 fps, or 1080p for up to 120 fps.

The new bi-copter has 8GB of onboard storage, but you’ll obviously need to add your own micro-SD card of up to 256GB. The Falcon is getting benefit from the usual tracking algorithms of the company for auto-follow features. It was also enhanced with software improvements on the similar Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as the Hover 2. A user can pick one of the pre-programmed flight paths in the app for auto cinematic shots. One can also go fully manual using the bundled controller, which offers a 7km transmission range and 2.5 hours of battery life. V-Coptr Falcon is expected to be shipped in the mid-February 2020, at $999.

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