New Update Announced Today About Autopilot by Tesla

New Update Announced Today About Autopilot by TeslaThe CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has announced the latest update on Twitter that the company’s EVs would start rolling out tonight. Most of us have heard a lot about the Major Overhaul of the 8.0 version, since it added considerable tweaks regarding the semi-autonomous Autopilot mode. According to the update, Autopilot mode would mainly depend on radar, instead of these sensors are playing second puddle to camera feeds. The concept of radar is considered more reliable compare to cameras in the poor visibility, such as if you are driving in snow or fog environment. Tesla had started adding radar sensors to its vehicles manufactured since October 2014 and these sensors are proving more perfect results instead of cameras.

This new update has brought new capabilities that are being added in order to enhance radar reliability and to provide much better map to cars for their surrounding information to Autopilot. Moreover, if the vehicle detect that driver is continuously taking their hands off the wheel then a new feature would disable Autopilot. Musk indicated that these improvements would save the life of Tesla owner for any expected collision with engaged Autopilot mode. It is important that version 8.0 isn’t completely focusing on Autopilot, but with minimal changes to the dashboard & media app user interfaces are also added in the update. One of the powerful features is a new always-on temperature control option. This feature will use a combination of air conditioning & automatic venting, so the cabin will not reach more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

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