New Remote-Controlled Vehicles Added by British Airways to Push Planes

New Remote-Controlled Vehicles Added by British Airways to Push PlanesThe British Airways is interested in reducing its ecological footprint using renewable fuels to eco-friendly airplane tugs. The airline has recently announced adding 5 new Mototok remote-controlled electric vehicles and these vehicles will be used to push back aircraft from the gate. These new eco-friendly vehicles will replace the standard diesel tugs as we often see at airports. Now, a single ramp agent will be able to push an airplane out with a small control device attached on his belt. The British Airways has indicated that it would be the first airline in the world for implementing these tugs. Now, the new 5 electric airplane tugs will be operational at Terminal 5 at 25 gates in Heathrow Airport. These new Mototok vehicles have the ability to move airplanes with more carefulness compared to traditional manned vehicles.

The website of Mototok claimed that these electric vehicles have the ability to park up to 40% more airlines in the same amount of parking space. These vehicles can hold their charge for more than 3 days and it will be charged at stations at each of the 25 gates at Heathrow airport Terminal 5. The COO of British Airways, Klaus Goersch said in a statement that British Airways has been considered the most careful, punctual and short-haul airline in London. The adding on new Mototok tugs will help airline to stay at the top of the league and keeping our flights departing on time. This important improvement to modernize airline operations is the first in the airline industry and it would be a part of major investment in advanced technology.

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