New Record Set by the Electric Bus of Proterra with a Single Charge of 1,101-Mile

New Record Set by the Electric Bus of Proterra with a Single Charge of 1,101-MileIt seems impressive when a Tesla club drove a Model S at least 670 miles, but the Proterra has presented more attractive solution. The initiation just drove a Catalyst E2 Max electric bus a tremendous 1,101.2 miles with just a single charge. So, it got the top position that any EV has managed before next charging. The previous record holder made well in the past with a drive of 1,013.8 miles with a single charge using one-seat experimental car named “Boozer”. It might not too difficult to find out how Proterra managed the new record if you know about the advancement in the technology. It would also provide the eco-friendly transportation facilities to the public.

Point to be noted that a bus can hold a much larger battery as compared to any regular car. The Catalyst E2 Max carries 660kWh or at least 9 times the capacity of a 75kWh Tesla Model S battery. The Proterra was driven in optimal conditions without any passenger, including no stops and a gentle test track. There might be another story with a full-loaded bus journeying its way through a city. Anyway, this type of range might be well promising. In most cases, it will be able to handle a long bus route for many hours and it might just need a next recharge at the end shift of a driver. It would take just one hour to completely charge with the fast charging system of Proterra. The first batch of E2 series buses might reach on the Los Angeles roads at the end of current year.

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