New i3 Redesign of BMW will be presented in the Beginning of 2017

New i3 Redesign of BMW will be presented in the Beginning of 2017Most of the experts believe that BMW may not wait for over and above future to enhance its plans for electric cars. Sources from Welt indicated that the Company has made plans for launch in the year 2017 of its redesigned i3 as the Company confirmed earlier for both cosmetic and practical advancements. You will see a new battery that specifically increases the efficiency of the car compared to its recently improved 186 MPH with range improvement motor. It is still not confirmed that how much more you will be able to drive, but there would be a considerable amount of difference. One can believe that there would not be a big difference as 50 percent increase for its last upgrade. But, you will be able to cover more distance in a significant amount of time.

The Company also promised to present a fresh and new look for its front and rear in a perfect manner. There is still not anything to predict about it, but the current design of i3 has been splitting as the Company is less focusing on it. Although, it is an EV with a busy appearance and sharp contrast with slicker look, but it is not traditional of BMW as compared to upcoming model 3 of Tesla. The upcoming redesign may be simple to making appealing for its buyers instead of the existing styles. It is expected that both models will be welcomed, though the i3 will experience more tight competition with upcoming models. It is important that Tesla promised earlier in providing at least 214 miles for next recharge on its Model 3.

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