New Fusion Hybrid self-driving vehicle by Ford

Ford autopilot carsThe first images of new self-driving Fusion Hybrid of Ford have been published by the company. New self-driving vehicle of Ford is equipped with more powerful and advanced computer, and efficiently integrated sensors. The company issued a press release and indicated that the company has used an upgraded version of its Fusion Hybrid platform and reinforced by self-driving hardware with adding an advanced computer and electrical controls. It also has lower-profile LIDAR system, which was appeared in the models from Velodyne (this company recently invested 150 million U.S dollars). Cameras and other essential monitoring items are efficiently installed into the roof. It makes the hybrid less attractive self-driving vehicle compared to the other recently presented models.

Point to be noted that last self-ruling Fusion model was presented in 2013 by adding at least 4 enormous LIDAR units. Now, Ford has decreased its number to two with providing much wider and better targeted vision to the vehicle. The bulky computer was installed in the trunk and it has the ability to process a terabyte of data per hour for navigation, AI & computer vision and object recognition. The company earlier mentioned that the new Fusion has been considered more advanced, entirely independent SAE level 4-capable vehicle by the year 2021. It is important that SAE level 4 vehicles are entirely independent in its geographic zones, such as college campuses. The level 5 normally defines that a vehicle has the ability to drive anywhere by itself. Ford has planned to manufacture 90 vehicles and these vehicles will be tested in Arizona, Michigan and California in a couple of years.

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