New extra-luxury GLS-450 and GLS-580 of Mercedes-Benz

New Mercedes-Benz GLSNew GLS-class of Mercedes-Benz is the best choice if you are looking for a classy and environment-friendly vehicle. The New GLS 450 and GLS 580 are still among the luxury vehicles in Mercedes’ 2020 lineup. There are flush with the sort of niceties you’d expect out of a truly premium people-carrier. If we talk about power, the GLS 450 is more subdued of the 2 models. It has turbo 3.0L inline-6 engines to produce 362HP, though those with lead feet should probably splurge on the GLS 580 and its 4.0L twin-turbo V8.

Both versions of the GLS available at launch will sport Mercedes’ 21HP EQ Boost assist system. It helps the standard combustion engines in these with acceleration. You can expect the 580 to hit 60 in 5.2 seconds, and the very slightly pokier 450 to do the same in just under 6 seconds. If you’re even considering something like the GLS, you’re probably a responsible one with people in your life.

Flooring is especially ill-advised when the GLS is loaded up with a full complement of passengers. The 450 and 580 can comfortably squeeze up to seven people and the third row of seating is in for a wait. Mercedes went with seats that expand and contract at the press of a button.  It is a nice touch and all, but it’s much slower than you might expect. Moreover, you might not matter once everyone’s inside since the GLS’s third row is heated and packs a full complement of USB ports.

There are up to two 12-inch displays up front. One acts as the instrument cluster while the optional extra controls climate and the infotainment system. The GLS packs the company’s proprietary MBOX interface. In general, it’s a pleasure to use, though getting it to properly interpret voice commands can still be sort of a pain. More practical is the Car Wash mode. It folds the GLS’s side mirrors up against the body, raises the suspension so all those water jets can clean the car’s fiddly bits. It enables a 360-degree camera in case you want an even better view of what’s happening.

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