New Electric Scooters Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus are Available

New Electric Scooters Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus are AvailableGogoro started manufacturing Smart-scooter 2 years ago and now company is back with an alteration. The company recently introduced Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus with a lightly modification to the original. It has been considered a 2nd Generation motor & power-train to deliver the similar amount of power estimated at 6.4kW. It promises smoother turning with more powerful control. The Sport mode & Smart mode option enable riders to choose between higher top speed & acceleration or more advanced efficiency. These specific scooters are basically built for easy maintenance and their larger wheels are 14-inch front & 13-inch rear wheels. These are updated geometry with a larger 51-inch wheelbase and efficient braking system to enhance its stability and its longer seat provides an ease to 2nd person.

Point to be noted that Gogoro is now upgrading its app to version 2.0 by offering much better security. It needs a PIN code or fingerprint to start and makes scooter virtually very hard to steal. The company has planned to expand its battery exchanging Energy Network in Taiwan by offering at least 500 locations by the end of current year. It is expected that Gogoro 2 will be presented for sale in Taiwan in the month of July 2017. Its pricing is estimated at 1295 U.S dollars (TWD$38,800) before it move to other markets. These specially redesigned scooters also have extra amount of under-seat space for storage. Its entire LED lightings are much wider & brighter at night and it also makes scooter more visible in the day light. These scooters are available in 6 different attractive colors and Gogoro has planned to offer at least 50 different accessories in customizing your ride.

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