New Electric or Hybrid Cars from Volvo

New Electric or Hybrid Cars from VolvoVolvo has been considered one of the most famous car manufacturers for its safe travelling, but it now has a new contrast. So, every manufactured car by 2019 will have one electric motor, whether an all-electric EV, a plug-in-hybrid or hybrid. It will make the Volvo as first major car manufacturer to avoid selling cars with just diesel or gas engines. The CEO of Volvo Cars, Hakan Samuelsson said in a statement that the current announcement will mark the end of solely flaming engine-powered cars. The Volvo reclassified last week to its Polestar performance division to electric cars. But, some news indicated that its entire vehicles will be electrified in some way. Volvo has been found behind the curve in this specific area, but it has manufactured handful hybrid cars.

The Volvo Cars has announced that its first batch of 40 electric cars will be presented in 2019. The company has also planned to launch 5 EVs between 2019 and 2021 and 2 of them will be manufactured with rubber-burning Polestars, and 3 of them will be more dignified Volvo models. These models will be supplemented by diesel plug-in hybrids and gasoline and it can offer you to work or do shopping without using the gas engine. The company also announced its Mild-hybrid cars that can run most on diesel or gas and using the electric motor would save energy. Volvo shouldn’t be considered the just European-based company in expending a large amount on EVs. Volkswagen launched its I.D electric car concept last year in the Paris Auto Show and planned to sell 3 million EVs by the year 2025.

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