Model 3 Electric Car production of Tesla has stopped

Model 3 Electric Car of TeslaTesla has announced to stop the Model 3 electric Car due to missed targets and the long waiting list. The company has indicated that current stop in its production would eliminate the technical problems. Its delay will affect thousands of reservation holders. Its production will remain stopped for 4 to 5 days at its California assembly plant. Tesla, however, said that this shutdown was planned similar to the February, and this is not mean to affect the company’s target of production. During this production stop, we will improve systematically address bottlenecks to enhance the production rate. Tesla has recently achieved a milestone by reaching to the production of 2000 model 3s per week and the company hopes to take its production to the 5000 units per week.

 Model S and Model X production was normal even due to the shutdown of the Fremont plant. Tesla said that reports regarding the injuries are just rumors and no such cases have been identified. Tesla representative said that we take care of our employees because our employees are our strength, and we value them. Tesla further announced to bring glassier car models by the year 2019. Its efficient research and development department is working hard to finalize the new models. These models will capture the market and will give a tough time to its competitors. Tesla further announced to bring more feature in the S and X models in few months.

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