LiveWire Electric Motorcycle of Harley can go 0-60 in just 3-seconds

Harley’s LiveWire electric motorcycleThe electric LiveWire motorcycle of Harley-Davidson has been teasing environmentally to conscious bikers since 2014. The company has now revised its original specs with the bike planned to ship during this fall. Harley announced at the Geneva Motor Show this week that LiveWire will go 30 miles farther than we initially expected. The company formerly claimed the bike would have a city range of 110 miles. Harley now said it’s good for 140 and it will have a mixed range rating of about 88 miles. It is for those who occasionally zip onto the highway.

The first electric bike from Harley seems faster than most of us expected. We knew the bike could accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3-seconds. But now, Elektrek reported the new advancement from 60 to 80 mph will take less than 2-seconds. You won’t have to wait long for a charge, either. The battery will go from zero to 100% in one hour. It is due to Level 3 DC fast charging. Elektrek also said that all Harley dealers who carry LiveWire will have Level 3 chargers on site.

The LiveWire will still run you close to $30,000, but that’s not a surprise for anyone who’s been tracking this. Harley also has an electric scooter and dirt bike in the works. LiveWire doesn’t quite keep pace with its most high-profile competitor, Zero. The company also announced at the Geneva Motor Show that Zero’s new SR/F electric motorcycle boasts a range of 161 miles and comparable charging time. But, Harley undoubtedly has a loyal fan circle.

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