At Least 10 EV Models will be Presented by 2020: Toyota

At Least 10 EV Models will be Presented by 2020: ToyotaToyota recently mentioned that the company is almost ready to grasp pure electric cars. Now we have a much better idea about commitment of the company. The auto-manufacturer has proposed its objectives for low and zero-emission vehicles during the coming decade. It is expected that the company will bring at least 10 models of EVs by the early 2020 worldwide. The company has planned to take start from China prior to spread in markets such as Japan, Europe and the United States. Toyota and Lexus will also enter by 2025 either be EV-only or with an electrified feature such as a hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell technology. The objectives of the company are principally energetic and advanced. The company is expecting to sell more than 1 million zero-emission vehicles by 2030.

It would be more fairly advanced in practice due to there might be pure EVs or hydrogen models and it may reach at 5.5 million with some type of electric power-plant. Ford also indicated that the company needs at least 10% of its sales to be EVS by the year 2020. The GM is expecting to have 20 EVs in the market by 2023. Tesla might beat the numbers of Toyota in advance due to the company has planned at least half million Model 3 reservations by August 2018. It is important that this figure doesn’t include other EV models. The objectives have its own importance and Toyota is sidestepping its bets by manufacturing hydrogen as its future part. Toyota has been considered one of the largest car brands in the world, so the company is treating EVs as an important part of its lineup.

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