Largest Aircraft in the World is Ready for Testing

Largest Aircraft in the World is Ready for TestingIt was first announced in the month of August 2015 about Stratolaunch. It was the time when the company Stratolaunch Systems of Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) announced test flights plans with the huge airplane. Its major objective was to help launch satellite-bearing rockets more perfectly and efficiently. Unfortunately, those test flights actually didn’t initiate, but Allen did tweet a photograph of a huge aircraft coming out from its equally massive hanger for fuel testing. It is important that the Stratolaunch has been considered the largest all-combination and complex plane ever built.

It has six Boeing 747 engines and has a payload capacity of more than 500 thousand pounds with a functional range of at least 2 thousand nautical miles. The major idea was to attach rockets at the center of the aircraft and then enable them to perform an airborne launch. It would supposedly minimize the required fuel amount and it would enable rockets to take off in extreme weather. This huge plane is being made by the company “Scaled Composites” of a famous aerospace engineer Burt Rutan. It is being made at the Mojave Air and Space Port in the desert of California. They have planned to make it fully operational by the end of this decade.

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