Hydrogen Fuel-Cell SURUS Transport Vehicle for the Army

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell SURUS Transport Vehicle for the ArmyThe experiment of Chevy into working with the Army on alternative-fuel vehicles can’t be stopped with the Colorado ZH2. Both are moving ahead with the SURUS (Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure). It takes the hydrogen fuel cell power plant of ZH2 and breeds it with the flatbed truck trailer or a railroad flatcar and it is described as Defense One. The basic idea behind SURUS (named for war elephants of Hannibal) is to be an acceptable form of transport that can do everything from carrying wounded soldiers to moving huge sized cargo, such as diesel-powered generators in the theater of war. The truck can also be equipped with rockets and guns. Other plans include the possibility for remote control or self-driving ability, instead of having a human behind the wheel.

The head of fuel cell division of GM, Charlie Freese pointed out the capabilities of SURUS. He said that the truck has the possibility to decrease the number of Army vehicles needs to keep on hand. SURUS will be able to move behind the enemy lines with fewer chances of being discovered since it was powered by a near-silent fuel cell engine instead of an internal combustion one. Freese confirmed that they have the ability to get 10 times closer without being detected. It sounds like it has been built from the ground up for military applications and different from the ZH2, versus restructuring fuel cell tech onto an existing truck, such as an off-road-equipped Colorado. It indicates that the military is happy with the ZH2. The SURUS will be on display at Army AUSA trade show & convention in Washington, DC in the coming week.

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