High-Tech Golf Cart “Sports Car” Introduced by Mercedes-Benz

High-Tech Golf Cart “Sports Car” Introduced by Mercedes-BenzYou should add this one in your buying list when you become in the category of rich. A High-Tech golf cart has introduced by Mercedes-Benz and it looks like a sports car. This dream has become true after three years of requesting from fans to submit their ideas for a Golf Cart of the Future. But, you should not be too excited because it doesn’t have extra-ordinary driving features or capabilities in it. The final product was designed by the automaker and its partner in this project “Golf Cart Designer Garia”. A 10 inch tablet added inside this cart to display its current speed and consumption of power including the controls of vehicle.

It would enable you to use the tablet screen to change driving modes such as Sport or Eco, heater or AC, Switch the headlights and wipers ON/ OFF. It has the capability to show the position of your vehicle on a golf course map and allows you to access a number of programs such as weather apps. Adjacent to a tablet, this car has integrated Bluetooth Hi-Fi speakers and obviously a fridge. A representative of Mercedes said that the company is also planning to add the integration of smart-phone in the near future. He added that the company has just showed off its creation at the British Open and at a number of supposed events in Denmark, Germany and Monaco in the coming period of time.

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