Google New In-Car Interface for Android

Android lockdownThe governments are trying to control distracted driving by introducing different laws like banning the mobile phone and text. Google introduced new technology to control distracted driving. The phone function can be operated in the car without taking phone the hands. It allow driver to lock in phone and provide facility to operate mobile by voice. Though it is not going to take 100% control over distracted driving yet it is a great invention, said David Strickland the national highway safety administrator.

Google introduced this technology in the presence of some big auto brands like Honda, Hyundai, General Motors, and Audi etc. in its annual developer conference in Francisco. The distraction while driving is one of the big problems in USA and other European countries where numbers of people die every year in the road side accident because of this issue. In most of the case driver was using mobile phone and texting while driving. The streaming services like Spotify and Pandora allow drivers to send messages, use Google Map and play music, introduced by Android Auto.

Looking this, Google with chipmaker NVIDIA Corp introduced this new technology that allow driver to lock up its phone and can operate it by the system available in its car without using hands to operate it. This will help drivers to concentrate on driving without distracting. “Using mobile phone while driving is illegal and also dangerous, therefore we are looking for a better solution for the people who use mobile phone in the driving,” Said chipmaker NVIDIA Corp and consider that the new technology introduced by Google will reduce the accident ratio in the country and it will also provide a better driving experience.

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