First Spaceship Virgin Galactic Managed Test after 3 Years

First Spaceship Virgin Galactic Managed Test after 3 YearsThe Virgin Galactic was strong-minded in putting back on track its private space travel plans after its heartbreaking crash in 2014. A spokesperson of the company Richard Branson informed Bloomberg that the company has been planning to resume its powered test flights for the first time after at least 3 years of finishing a series of Glide-only tests started in the month of December. The company has planned to fly in the atmosphere after every 3 weeks and its plans to return to space or edge of space in the month of November of December 2017.

It has been considered a striving schedule given that Virgin only returned to the sky in the month of September last year. Moreover, it will be essential if the company believes to accomplish its current vision. Branson again confirmed that the company is hopeful in starting commercial passenger service by the end of 2018. He added that the company has planned to launch its own flight in the middle of current year. There is another major question whether or not Virgin will initiate this specified schedule in the first place. It has been confirmed that the outfit had memorize some major lessons during past couple of years. But, there is not enough flexibility in its timetable. It shouldn’t take more delay the first paid flight by a number of months.

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