First Electric Scooter Electrica from Vespa will be available in October

Vespa's first electric scooterThe first electric scooter of Vespa has long been waiting to be shipped during the current year. Now, the company has provided a clear timeline that when people will be able to get their Vespa Electrica. Its production will be started from September. Vespa will start online sales for European customers in October 2018. People living in the United States and Asia will be able to get their electric scooter at the beginning of 2019. Its parent company (Piaggio Group) hasn’t yet announced the price but said that the Electrica will be available with current advanced models of Vespa. The maximum estimated range of Electrica is 100 km with the powerful performance as compared to the 50cc scooter.

 You will need 4-hours to charge the battery and it will last up to a thousand charge cycles or at least 10-years before dropping its capacity at 80%. The company didn’t provide info about top speed but an Eco driving mode limits speed to 30 km per hour to maintain battery life. The Electrica is environment-friendly and silent. It also has some AI features, including nearby pedestrian and vehicle detection by offering other route options. Piaggio is also planning to announce a hybrid Elettrica X. It will have a maximum range of 200 km and have a smaller battery pack as compared to the standard Elettrica. But, a 50-km range and a gas-powered generator will show the difference. It is interesting that the generator will take over when the battery charge dips below a specific level, or a rider can switch over it manually. So, the Elettrica X can still be used as an electric vehicle for a shorter distance.

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