Ferrari announced new One-Off P80/C Sports Prototype

new One-Off P80 C Sports PrototypeFerrari has announced a new sports prototype manufactured around the Italian manufacturer’s current GT3 racing chassis. There is one example of the Ferrari P80/C inspired by historic models such as the 330 P3/P4 and the 1966 Dino 206 S. It has been produced for a sole client. Moreover, the car hasn’t been designed to a racing rulebook. Ferrari has indicated that it’s homologated only for track use and takes on many of the design elements found in the 488 GT3 donors. These include the tub frame, an aerodynamic profile that has been freed from regulatory restrictions and the cockpit configuration.

It also features a carbon fiber wing and 18″ single-nut wheels with options, as well as slitted headlights and a modified rear splitter which reportedly offers 5% more aero efficiency. Ferrari adds that the car’s rear aerodynamic profile has been influenced by the T-wing from the company’s 2017 Formula 1 car, which is designed to reduce the length of the flow over the rear, creating the effect of a very short ‘virtual’ rear windscreen and an extremely limited separation bubble.

Besides performance reasons, the 488 GT3 chassis were chosen for its extended wheelbase, which at 50 mm longer than the 488 GTB road car offered more design freedom for the Ferrari Styling Center engineering team. Development of the manufacturer’s latest one-off project started back in 2015, making it the longest gestation period for a Ferrari one-off special. Price details have not been released, however, Ferrari has stated that the P80/C client is a great connoisseur of the Ferrari world and comes from a long line of Prancing Horse enthusiasts.

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