Faster Helicopter with Wings Announced by Airbus

Faster Helicopter with Wings Announced by AirbusA new helicopter concept “Racer” has presented by Airbus at the Paris Air-show. It would offer everything to operators including economy, versatility and amazing speed. It has been considered a faster and cost-effective rotorcraft. It has a main rotor like a regular helicopter, but it will use pusher propellers to accelerate it forward and a new system for extraordinary lift named “Box-wing”. The expected speed might be up to 250 mph (400 km/h) and it will take-off similar as a regular helicopter. The new Racer is actually based on X3 prototype helicopter of Airbus Helicopters as it set a record helicopter speed at 255 knots in a straight flight in the year 2013.

 The main rotor will be used for STOL take-off capabilities, but the main rotor will be slow down after starting propellers for pushing forward and the Box-wings will be used for extra lifting. Its working is much similar to a hybrid gyrocopter as these types of aircrafts slow down main rotors and speed up pusher props. The Racer has some improvements on the X3 in some areas. It uses just a single shaft with a gearbox and two Safran RTM322 engines in maintaining it easier. The propellers have been moved behind the wings in order to prevent passengers from vibration and noise. The Airbus also replaced the rear tail rotor with a very simple tail wing. The major objective of the Racer is to give 50% more speed with just 25% extra cost as compared to a normal helicopter.

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