F-35 Lightning II will Participate in Expected Combat with North Korea

F-35 Lightning II will Participate in Expected Combat with North KoreaThe F-35 Lightning II has been finalized after a lengthy and advanced development process and it is now ready to participate on the front lines. The U.S Marine Corps has planned to deploy the short takeoff and vertical landing variant F-35B in the spring and summer of 2018 onto the ships in the Central and Pacific Command areas. The source indicated that the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit is moving aboard the USS Essex and it is headed to the Middle East. The 31st Unit will join the USS Wasp and it might move to the coast of North Korea. It shouldn’t be considered more heartening news that the F-35 will participate in the expected combat. It will be tested for various technological systems with multi-role stealth fighter.

Its centerpiece consists of STOVL system of F-35B. It enables the fighter jet to operate from Marine ships and bases having insufficient or traditional space for an aircraft. It has a more advanced system inside the cockpit that replaces the traditional HUD with its bigger touch-screen displays, including an in-helmet display. The F-35 has been considered more efficient and unique, but its basic design more similar to the F-22 fighter jet. The U.S Marines will receive 420 F-35 fighter jets for the field and 67 of them will be the carrier-oriented F-35C. The new fleet would gradually replace the combat aircraft ranging from the (original VTOL combat aircraft) Harrier to the Hornet.

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