Electric Pickup-truck with A Camp Kitchen from Rivian

Electric Pickup-truck with A Camp Kitchen from RivianRivian has presented its upcoming electric pickup-truck at the Overland Expo West. The company has shown a little more extra and different from its previous versions: A camp kitchen. The unit slides out from the Rivian R1T’s gear tunnel that lives between the bed and cab. The kitchen includes storage and a stove that’s powered by the R1T’s 180kWh battery pack. The company has indicated that it’s currently just a concept but they will make the camp stove available after the truck itself comes out in 2020.

RIT of Rivian boasts 750 horsepower and can tow up to 11,000 pounds. It’s powered by 180kwh battery pack, which it says is the world’s largest, that’s fully sealed to allow the truck to drive through up to 3 feet of water. The pickup owners can use the vehicle’s battery for lights and for cooking for over a week and still only consume 11% of the pack’s juice. Those interested may need to keep that in mind and plan accordingly if they don’t need to cook over an open fire like everyone else.

The presented kitchen unit is the 1st significant concept Rivian has announced for the pickup’s unusual gear tunnel. This space provides another locked storage compartment for the pickup. The company needs to make its vehicles the center of an ecosystem of add-ons. The company already announced racks, vehicle-mounted tents, and even a flashlight that hides in the side of the driver’s door. People expect more camping and outdoor gear as Rivian cements its brand image around adventurers.

The company is targeting its products for a particular lifestyle. Pickups, Trucks, and SUVs are generally marketed to workman and families. Rivian has shown its products in the backwoods, running trails and sitting next to campfires. The people in the commercials are on an adventure, wearing coats by The North Face and sleeping in REI tents. They can pull a kitchen out of their pickup and make some coffee with the kitchen.

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