Electric Hyper-Car by Rimac Will be Shown off at Geneva Auto Show

rimacThe famous Croatian car manufacturer “Rimac” has declared to launch their Concept_One of “electric hyper-car”. The company has finalized to show off their production model after five years of their first presentation and this model will be presented at Geneva Auto Show next month. It would be first in their eight concepts to be manufactured and sell to the public. Most of the interested people are thinking about its price, the Auto-blog said that buying one vehicle might cost you more than a million U.S dollars. But, you will be able to get a perfect and unique one because Rimac is much dedicated to build the most perfect electric car.

It is important that the motors are baked into each wheel to build entirely a new power-train. Its chassis has been made to equally distribute weight of the car and the more similar concept adopted for its cabin. Its cabin was manufactured with customized components especially built for their Concept_One. The company has declared that their target is to manufacture most of its components by the company due to they are using batteries for its functions. Rimac declared that its expected speed would be up to 220 miles/ hour and can travel from 0 to 62 mph in 2.6 seconds. This model is much as the sports car and it is all-wheel rotation angle, so the company stated that it would be more powerful for hill-climbing than other vehicles. But, the company didn’t declare that when this vehicle will be available to buy.

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