All-Electric EQA prototype announced by Mercedes-Benz

All Electric EQA concept of Mercedes BenzThe photographs of Mercedes EQA prototype have been disclosed by the company. The compact EV has been considered a part of its EQ electric cars of next-generation. The company first announced the A-Class model electric car last year at the Frankfurt Auto Show. But, it has now disclosed a working prototype of its EQA concept. The new prototype will have a 60 kWh battery pack and it will cover at least 200 to 250 miles with a single charge. This advanced electric vehicle has the capability reaching from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. A DC rapid-charging system will enable it to add at least 60 miles of range in just 10 minutes. More than 589 million U.S dollars are being invested at its Hambach plant in Northeast France.

The company has planned to build the EQA at this facility. Point to be noted that Mercedes is currently manufacturing Smart cars at Hambach plant. The electric EQC SUV will be the first car in the EQ lineup to be released. It was recently disclosed in camouflaged mule form and it is expected to be available in the market at the beginning of next year. The auto-manufacturer is also manufacturing an EV equivalent to its S-Class Sedans, the EQS. All 3 EQ EVs have been manufactured against Tesla models. The EQA model VS Model 3, the EQS VS the Model S, and the EQC against Model X of Tesla. Mercedes hasn’t yet announced the pricing of any of its 3 vehicles. The company didn’t mention the availability of the EQS and EQA to the market. Its EQA is attractive, smooth, and aerodynamics with Red and Blue lighting scheme. But, it is just a prototype, so one shouldn’t consider it as the final design for final vehicle production.

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