Concept Link Futuristic Latest Electric Motorcycle from BMW

Concept Link Futuristic Latest Electric Motorcycle from BMWBMW has presented some amazing conceptual vehicles including an advanced color-changing Mini and self-governing Next 100 auto. The company has presented its Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle as announced in October 2016. It might be the coolest yet with a gyroscopic system especially designed to keep riders safe and upright. The latest electric motorcycle of the company looks pretty. The Motorrad Concept Link of BMW is based on the first Next 100 comes more refined and commuter-friendly style to the idea of Zero-emission electric motorcycle. The Concept Link has a low profile with a straight bench seat. It covers the flat energy packs in the purposed energy storage area.

It has a diagonally rising handlebar section and a windshield. Point to be noted that BMW claims that it would project speed, navigation and battery information. Secondary information can be visible below that on a large flat panel and it can be controlled using programmable buttons on the handlebars. BMW has indicated that the Concept Link will get access to your next destinations and calendar. It would enable the bike plan fast on routes while selecting music for your trip. You can also open and close the sliding window on the luggage compartment area and under the seat with gestural controls managed by some types of futuristic jacket. These concept vehicles would offer super fun for those looking future commuter electric motorbikes.

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