Competitive Price of Tesla Electric Semi Truck is Surprising!

Competitive Price of Tesla Electric Semi Truck is Surprising!Everyone was excited when last week Tesla announced its Semi electric truck. But, some of truckers weren’t essentially sold on its predefined functionalities. Tesla has announced an estimated price on its website of its Semi electric truck. Its offered prices are less than predicted prices; its 300-mile version will be at 150 thousand U.S dollars and its 500-mile version at 180 thousand U.S dollars. The fancier Founders Series with its entire specs would cost 200 thousand U.S dollars. When we look at the model 180,000 U.S dollars, it’s still around 60,000 U.S dollars and it is more than a diesel-powered semi truck. Tesla confirmed that the Semi could cost around 20 % less to run and it will put savings over a million miles at around 250,000 U.S dollars. Trucker experience will also be improved with Tesla Semi with an Enhanced Autopilot with automatic emergency braking, automatic lane keeping and lane departure warning.

Tesla also said that it will improve a significant amount of safety for drivers and other vehicles. It also has jackknife protection, sensors and cameras in order to reduce blind spots. The truck will also have crazy acceleration and it would be more useful for hill-climbing and other hard work. The trucker Jonathon Ramsey wondered if the Semi would offer extraordinary visibility due to it has a lack of mirrors and unusual center pilot position. He said that Tesla should have more focused on the brakes than the acceleration. He added that some claims of Tesla related to the current trucking technology still questionable. Tesla should adopt some new technology to be able to make the economics work because some estimates have indicated that the 1 MWH battery alone costs at up to 400,000 U.S dollars.

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