ChargePoint and FLO EV Charging Networks signed an Agreement

EV stations in North AmericaChargePoint and FLO have announced a remarkable roaming partnership. It would offer an amazing charging experience to electric vehicle EV owners across North America. The new collaboration is much similar to roaming between cell phone networks. The customers of both networks will be able to access public charging spots on both networks while moving in the United States and Canada. They don’t want to register multiple accounts or extra fees.

The new agreement would allow EV drivers to switch between the two networks without any trouble. ChargePoint is a leader in the United States and FLO is heading EV charging network in Canada. Both companies have a significant amount of charging stations across North America. The new collaboration will provide an ease to EV owners and members of both networks. This type of agreement offers possibilities in making driving experience easier to EV vehicle drivers. The new partnership from 2 well-known companies is the first agreement signed in North America.

New Agreement between 2 Companies

The partnership between ChargePoint and FLO is now in now working across North America. The agreement indicates over 27,000 charging spots. These charging points will be available on both networks. The members of both networks will charge their EVs without paying additional fees and trouble. The CEO of ChargePoint, Pasquale Romano said that newly signed agreement with FLO will help the massive adoption of EV vehicles. He also encouraged other similar networks to take essential measures in bringing every driver behind the wheel of EVs. ChargePoint also teamed up with EVBox earlier this month to facilitate their EV vehicle members in Europe and the U.S to shift between their networks.


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