A Cargo Robot from Vespa Manufacturer

personal cargo robotThe owner of Vespa brand (Piaggio Group) doesn’t have a prestige in presenting cutting edge tech, but the group has just started manufacturing an electric scooter. Now, the group has planned to present a new style. Piaggio has indicated that a robot-focused company (Fast Forward) is being established. The first specific product of the company was also announced and named it Gita, which is a personalcargo robot. The machine has the capability to carry up to 40 pounds of goods and items either independently (with availability of maps) or by a human operator. This machine has a handsome amount of speed and it can keep up with you on a bike at 22 Mph. It’s efficient zero turning radius confirms the Human Sharpness essential to navigate sidewalks.

If you feel hesitation for driving a car or pushing a dolly in order to get your groceries for your home. It might be the best you are looking for. Gita will be presented for business-to-business test program. But, Piaggio has planned to present something for an individual use. A major announced is supposedly expected on 2nd February 2017, and it may generate some deep-rooted questions about Gita. Would it be cheaper or can you actually buy the ultimate consumer version? And whether the range good enough that the machine can facilitate you across the town or would it be limited to neighborhood tour? These types of questions are expected, while Gita looks perfect at its first look. It should be both practical and affordable for most consumers.

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