BMW & Its Partners Will Present Autonomous Cars by the Year 2021

BMW & Its Partners Will Present Autonomous Cars by the Year 2021The BMW already announced that the company needs to bring independent cars on the road by the year 2021, but the manufacturer doesn’t have the entire technological facilities to convert their dreams into reality. BMW has announced recently a partnership with Intel and Mobile eye (computer vision). Computer vision is a sensing company and it would build a platform in providing the specific help the BMW Company to meet the goals. These companies aren’t just collaborating for combine work to benefit only for BMW, but they are generating the idea in making an open industry platform. The other car manufacturers will be able to use this open platform in making autonomous vehicles.

It is important that Inter and Mobile eye are looking to bring experience in computer technology and machine learning. Intel has been working for several years on autonomous driving technology. The companies need to push the driverless vehicles towards the amazing stage, so the passengers should not need to keep their hands on driving wheel, eyes on the road and other essential elements used in driving. All the companies have shown their agreement to achieve their goal by the year 2021. Point to be noted that partners will show off an independent test drive featuring prototype. We will experience to see things by 2017 due to BMW, Intel and Mobile eye have finalized their full fleets of vehicles and they will be ready for test drive at the end of next year.

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