BMW Announced the Launch of “i8” in 2021 and “i Next” in 2021

BMWThe CEO of BMW, Harald Krueger released some news during a shareholder meeting. The news was regarding an upcoming self-ruling car based on the futuristic i8. This new electric vehicle to be named as “i Next” and it will be supposedly launched in 2021. This supposed date is showing good indications because most of the people will not be able to get experience of self-driving automobiles until 2020. The company has planned to launch BMW i8 Roadster with digital connectivity and electro-mobility for the roads. This vehicle will be followed by the BMW “i Next” in 2021.

The company indicated that their new advanced drivers are testing our self-ruling digital connectivity having lightweight and intelligent design. The new “i Next” will have entirely latest and advanced interior in order to present an ultimate to the next generation to experience the electro-mobility on the road. Krueger added during the meeting that BMW has currently been allocating the “Next” name for its upcoming projects. The “Vision Next 100” concept vehicle declared the similar features as Krueger described in the shareholder meeting. The design and features of the “i Next” is still a mystery.

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